Team Members

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Principal Investigator

Stephan Sanders

Associate Professor


Shan Dong

Postdoctoral Scholar

David Young

Postdoctoral Scholar

Nick Page

Graduate Student


Clif Duhn

Laboratory Manager

Alessandra Aguilar

Staff Research Associate

Aileen Poquiz

Administrative Officer

PsychCore Genomics Core

Lindsay Liang

Bioinformatics Programmer II

Visiting Scholars


Michael Gilson
Bioinformatics Programmer III (2015-2021)

Brooke Sheppard
Postdoctoral Scholar (2017-2021)

Aparna Kumar
Undergraduate Research Volunteer (2021)

Mai Nojima
Undergraduate Research Volunteer (2017-2020)
Current: Medical Student at Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine

Donna Werling
Postdoctoral Scholar (2015-2019)
Current: Assistant Professor of Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Link)

Joon An
Postdoctoral Scholar (2015-2019)
Current: Assistant Professor, School of Biosystem and Biomedical Science, Korea University (Link)

Grace Schwartz
Staff Research Associate (2016-2019)
Current: Research Technologist at Ann and Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Sindy Law
Database Architect (2015-2019)
Current: Institutional Research Analyst, UCSF School of Dentistry

Claudia Dastmalchi
Bioinformatics Programmer (2017-2019)
Current: Bioinformatics Software Engineer at Ambry Genetics

Deniz Yuruk
Visiting Scholar (2017-2018)

Louw Smith
Data Operations Manager (2015-2016)
Current: Instructor, Brandeis University (Link)

Eddie Gao
Summer Intern (2017)
Current: Undergraduate, UC Berkeley

Alexandria Alpy
Summer Intern (2017)
Current: Ohio State University

Flora Zhao
High School Research Volunteer (2017)

Jason Zhao
High School Research Volunteer (2017)

Carmen Sandoval
Neuroscience Rotation Student (2018)
Current: Neuroscience Graduate Program, UCSF

Immanuel Zion
Summer Intern (2018)
Current: Bard College

Administrative Support

Please contact our lab manager, Clif Duhn.