Aug 13, 2021
Welcome to Nick Page, a graduate student who has joined the Sanders and Ahituv labs!

Feb 11 2021
New paper! Young et al. 2021 published in eLife on 3D atlas construction, applied to the Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas.

Sept 27 2020
New paper! Young et al. 2020 published in Current Protocols in Neuroscience on using MagellanMapper for image analysis.

Dec 13th 2018
New paper! An et al. 2018 published in Science, highlights the role of promoters in autism.

Dec 1st 2018
Our work with the Autism Sequencing Consortium identifies 99 autism genes, paper submitted to BioRxiv .

May 29th 2018
Donna presents the lab’s recent work, ‘Analytical Framework for WGS and its Implications for ASD’ at the PGC Statistical Genetics Group online meeting.

May 9th 2018
Stephan, Donna, Brooke and Joon travel to Rotterdam, Netherlands, to share our latest work at INSAR 2018.

May 7th 2018
Donna and Joon’s latest works highlighted in Autism Science Foundation Podcast.

April 27th 2018
New paper! Werling et al. 2018 published in Nature Genetics in collaboration with the Autism Sequencing Consortium.

April 12th 2017
Stephan with Kevin Bender (UCSF) talk about ‘The genetics and physiology of SCN2A in autism and early-onset seizures’ at the Simons VIP Connect.

Nov 30th 2016
Donna talks about ‘The Role of Sex-Differential Biology in Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder’ at the SFARI Webinar Series.

April 21th 2016
Stephan talks about ‘The Genetics of Autism’ at the University of California Television.